1969 Constitution of Desoxidados y Pinturas Industriales (Depisa) whose main activity is the protection against corrosion in the electrical and oil & gas industry.
1990 Decentralization of Depisa reorganizing it in business units: Madrid, Galicia, Valencia, Catalonia, Aragon, Andalusia and Asturias.
2000 Acquisition of Siasa, specialist in corrosion of ships and founded in 1981.
2001 Constitution of the company AsturBlast, acting as a business unit of Asturias and offering blasting and painting workshop services.
2003 Constitution the fire passive protection division (Depifire).
2008 Acquisition of PSI engaged in chemical cleaning and testing of hydraulic fluid circuits. PSI also makes installation and maintenance services of oil-hydraulic systems.
2013 Constitution of the new branch specialized in scaffolding’s rental and installation (Depisa Andamios). Internationalization of the company, constitution of Depisa Maroc and Depisa Panama.
2014 Constitution of Depisa Gulf (Qatar) and DEPISA Peru and DEPISA Saudi Arabia.
2016 Acquisition of Mecanontubo-Andamios.
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